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A : What's Chuseok?

B : On that day we make offerings of grain and fruit from the first
harvest of the year to our ancestors. Along with Lunar New Year's,
it's Korea's biggest holiday when family members who live scattered
in distant places get together for a reunion. Chuseok is
August 15th according to the lunar calendar.

A : That's kind of like Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

First thing to do in the Morning:

Check your phoneline by dialing 02116 or 024742138 (Youll hear a Korean voice prompt if the line is OK)

Make sure that your headset, dialer and your computer are functioning well, if not, inform your TL or the IT immediately





Date: SEPTEMBER 09, 2011

Please be guided that on September 12 and 13 of 2011 (Monday and Tuesday respectively), there will be no work for all employees except JEMPHONE account and Interview Personnel
(9am - 6pm).

All employees are expected to report for work on September 14, 2011 (Wednesday)

For your information and strict compliance

From: HRD


To all employees:
All EIAs should use the Ivoline logo as their desktop background. Any pictures or images are prohibited to be used in your pc.
Please ask assistance to the IT personnel how to change your desktop wallpaper.

Change your desktop wall paper...

Just click the image and right click and select save image/picture as, browse to my documents and click save...



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